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Some pictures of beatiful Helsinki... more pictures with Finnish descriptions in here.

Hki-Vantaa 1 Hki-Vantaa 2
Helsinki-Vantaa Airport... a bit cloudy weather.


Kaisaniemi 1 Kaisaniemi 2
Botanic Garden in Kaisaniemi near the Central Railway Station.


Winter Garden 1 Winter Garden 2
Other garden called Talvipuutarha (Winter Garden) near the Linnanmäki amusement park.


Tervasaari - Summer Tervasaari - Winter
Tervasaari... in the summer and in the winter.


Linnanmäki 1 Linnanmäki 2
Some white-water racing at the Linnanmäki amusement park.


Töölönlahti 1 Töölönlahti 2
Some views to Töölönlahti.


Green1 Green2
Some green views near Töölönlahti.


Cathedral Cathedral Far
A close photo of the Cathedral in the summer and one from far away in the winter


Hakaniemi1 Hakaniemi2
A seagul sharing a view with me from the Hakaniemi square and the same view in the winter... without the seagul.


The Olympic Stadium The Finnish National Opera
The Olympic Stadium and The Finnish National Opera.


Parlament House Parlament House 2
The Parliament House and its extension.


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